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    is driving our
    fast changing

Experience first hand the latest technology

These hands on experiences are designed for senior management, they are intimate sessions so everyone gets to try, ask and learn. And what better way to learn then to interact with it. We bring you the latest technology and the information you need to know about it…what is about, its trajectory and its impact.

“A C-level executive needs to understand how technology is impacting their organisation and how to exploit technology”
HBR, Skills you need to thrive in the C-suite.

The outcomes

Open minds through experiences
There is a serious side…learn and discuss about the business impact and trajectory for new technology.
All sessions are filmed so you can share the content and demonstrate technology leadership.

Maker Workshop with Robotic Programming

This workshop explores the Maker Movement. Makers are a good example of how technology is creating a change in the way we do business through making invention more accessible & collaborative. They promote iterative innovation and are representative of the increased speed to market and reduced cost of doing business.

This workshop is definitely fun. But one of the best ways to learn then built your own robot! In between building things we learn about both the Maker Movement and the Internet of Things – I0T, focusing on the business impacts, from product development to marketing.


Virtual Reality Experience

This workshop explores the world of virtual reality and lets you get hands on experience with a wireless Oculus Rift environment. Partnering with one of Melbourne’s leading developers in this space, we let you feel first hand the completely immersive world of VR.

This workshop is exhilarating and looks not just at the technology but the environments that you can create, letting you explore and interact. Shooting virtual zombies…sound like fun?

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COMING SOON. Emotiv Experience

This workshop explores the power of the mind; mind control, mind assessment and detection of facial expressions. Designed in Australia and awarded world wide, this experience will blow your mind.

The design of the Emotiv is driven by making this technology accessible to anyone, and we are really excited to be building this workshop for you. Please register your interest.

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