Deeper understanding of your digital investment

Most people feel happier when they are succeeding

The trick is knowing what success looks like. We review teams, process and performance measures to create alignment.  We ensure everyone is on the same page. This will build a greater sense of confidence and place.

We bring with us our experience from working in some of Australia’s largest and smartest companies.

I know digital is important, but _______

  • no one really understands what they (digital) are doing?
  • do we have the right people?
  • we never seem to be able to get to a ROI
  • I just need them to be working with the rest of the organisation
  • we need to build a case for further investment
  • are they focusing on the right things…

Deliver effectiveness.

Team Review

Accessing your digital team’s dynamic, skill gaps, performance and their perception in the wider organisation. Planning forward for FTE and restructuring.

Media Performance Review

Analysing your paid media performance and strategies and accessing effectiveness. Recommendations and assessment of team and buy.

Team Focus

Sometimes things just go on as they are. And sometimes they are not a good use of resources, it is always good to step back and get an external independent point of view.

Our Happy Clients

Having worked with Nadine in the past, I knew that Nadine would provide a thorough, considered and strategic digital review that would provide us with practical solutions…I highly recommend Nadine, as a peer her passion is infectious and whilst working together she has provided a great sounding board for advice and coaching.
Kathy Damatopoulos, Suncorp PI Portfolio