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It’s hard to keep up with emerging technology and the new ways of doing things, but that is what our team do every day. Research, insights, behavioural trends, frameworks and data…we are all over it.

These digital training workshops are about passing on knowledge and really practical skills that can help you make better decisions, innovate and create change. They aim to widen perspective and create mind shifts whilst giving you tools you apply in your business straight away.

What we bring you

All our presenters bring with them years of experience working both in Australia and abroad at a corporate level.
It’s the hardest quality to find…passion and enthusiasm. People who really love what they do.
All our presenters are independent; they do not have production teams waiting for work or products to sell. They are about sharing their knowledge.

Intro to Emerging Technology

2.5 hours, 12 participants.


This workshop presents key technology shifts,  behavioural trends that are currently emerging and the impact this has on business – your business. This workshop is a good way to level out everyone’s knowledge, so they can be talking the same language.

Masterclass to Emerging Technology

2.5 hours, 12 participants.


Exploring the deeper implications, together we discuss new business models and the future rate of change and how that might apply to us (as consumers) and to our business and competitive set. This exploration frames the path for innovation and thinking outside of existing norms.

Intro to ‘Always on’ Marketing

2.5 hours, max 12 attendees


The days of annual marketing plans all approved and ready to rollout and execute are gone. This workshop explores ‘always on’ approaches and how to ensure strategic thinking on the run. This workshop is designed to begin the process of developing new ways of working to develop flex in processes/plans to allow for opportunities.

Masterclass to ‘Always on Marketing’

1/2 day, max 8 participants


Revisit original decisions and affirm or realign strategy in-line with any shifts in the business. Looking to see what has worked and ensure your efforts are best weighted, we look at sequencing and prioritisation. We also address being nimble, creating autonomy and resourcing/processes.

Storytelling for Data Visualisation

3 hours, max 6 participants


As things happen in real-time, live data information is valuable to validate or identify behaviour so your can make necessary actions. Data is often lost in the depths of the business analyst team and past its used-by date when you receive it. This workshop helps you and your team identify the story that needs to be told in real-time and identify how this tool would be beneficial.

Structure, Process and Resource Coaching

1-on-1 coaching


Fast changing environment means often having to re-tool and think through the resources and processes; analysing what works now and what will be required for the future.  One-on-one coaching to review current situation, ascertain the gaps and impending shifts to plan for the future. Explore everything from organisational charts, job descriptions and KPIs.

All our workshops are customisable, so get in touch and let us know how we can help you.

Walk away with a clearer mind, powerful tools, and increased confidence.
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