• Creating
    mindset shifts

Nimble Minds is a thought leadership program to encourage informed change.

Our world is now experiencing unprecedented levels of change. We keep leaders at the forefront with informed and inspired sessions to keep abreast of latest technology and trends.

But importantly we also recognise the need for change from within, across all levels and areas of the business. We provide the latest information on emerging technology and behavioural trends in a accessible format, written for people in business, in Australia, today. Available to all, we give them permission to learn in their own environment at their own pace.

Nimble Minds is built to inspire, support and activate the curious & optimistic minds within your company. We bring you the experts to run workshops and interactive sessions with your teams. We have innovative thinking tools to help realise ideas into innovation and small changes into revelations.

It is our ambition to create mindset shifts, leaving your teams more responsive and confident to technology and change. Removing the friction.

An ongoing programme delivering fresh knowledge; facilitating and encouraging innovation. We are a constant, a partner. Creating a happier, more engaged workforce delivering ways to increase revenue, create efficiencies and win over customers in tomorrow’s world.

The Knowledge Builder is the heart of the programme.

A subscription-based content platform providing:

  • 70+ unique articles
  • 100+ curated reading links
  • Books and published reports
  • Independant experts for workshops & coaching
  • Internal email communications to drive engagement

Use this content for internal for presentations, training or internal communications.

Nimble Minds Learning App.

This mobile app will give all your team access to the knowledge builder. Based on a method of assumed knowledge all questions will be presented with an answer. Once presented with the answer,  tell us if you knew it or not and this will inform the next questions. To find out more about the topic simply link straight through to the knowledge builder for full articles, reading links, books and workshops.

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Pick and mix to build a programme for your team.

Quarterly Technology Briefings

Building leadership confidence

The easiest and most interactive way to keep on top of this fast moving beast! Technology briefings delivered in your workplace to your senior leaders. Sessions are conversational and hands on, allowing your leaders to learn collectively and set the mindset for innovation and productivity.

Sessions can be tailored to suit knowledge levels and current points of interest.


On Demand Digital Consulting

Enabling informed leadership decisions

Businesses need to keep up and get ahead of the digital revolution in order to retain and grow their market share, fending off international and ‘new’ business model competitors. This module is an independent on-demand service to deliver objective subject matter information.

In the same manner as the Financial Accounts going to an Auditor, this modules delivers the ability to glean independent input into key digital decision making on-demand. All advisors have deep expert knowledge and work independently as thought leaders.


Hands on Events

Inspiring leaders and change makers

Reading and watching content will inform, but actual hands-on experience is memorable and effective. This module will create the buzz around the programme and get people talking. A series of hands-on workshops designed for business leaders and intrepreneurs to learn, build confidence and have some fun.

Event types range from maker workshops, virtual reality experiences, 3D printing through to visiting companies who have applied new world thinking.



Creating mind shifts

Our workshops are encouraging, designed to create active conversation as participants draw on the presented concepts and discuss practical outcomes for their role and their challenges.

All of our presenters work independently and therefore bring you a unique perspective on your business and the topic at hand. They have years of experience working across multiple categories, and their deep topic knowledge is invaluable when paired with your team.


Sample Programmes

Senior Leadership Program

  • Quarterly Technology Briefings
  • Hands on Experiences
  • On-demand Strategy
  • Coaching

Business-wide Programme

  • Workshops
  • Knowledge Builder and Learning App
  • Quarterly Technology Briefings

Intrepreneurial Programme

  • Intrepreneurial Coaching
  • Quarterly Technology Briefings
  • Hands on Experiences
  • Workshops

The Team

Nadine Parkington

Founder, Digital Strategist & Thought Leader

Louise McElvogue

Digital, Communications & Innovations Expert

Barrie Seppings

Digital Strategist & Creative Director

Kate James

Coach, Meditation Teacher, Author

David Parkington

Head of Content and Research

Roxanne Strauss

Change Leader, Coach, Strategist

Anne Tosky

Change Facilitator & Leadership Coach

Mick Gibson

Digital Sales Strategist

“Nadine was amazing to work with, very personable, passionate, knowledgeable and motivated to see our company succeed with our digital future. This was an invaluable intro into the digital environment for our business and set the foundations for our current digital success. Rarely have I worked with someone so impressive, as Nadine. She immersed herself in our challenges and presented impressive solutions for our digital revolution.”

Selina Brendish, Creative Services Director at Oxford University Press.